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We all know Amare Stoudemire won’t be playing in game three of the New York Knicks series vs the Miami Heat due to the reported “injured hand he has from slapping the glass cover of a fire extinguisher in frustration following a game two loss in Miami”.

New York Knicks fans are really serious about their team and are kind of upset with the kid. So someone came up with this hilarious animated gif so I thought I’d share the jokes LOL

Amare Stoudemire Goes off

Amare Stoudemire Goes off

“Now That We Found Love” – Heavy D and The Boyz

the heavy d on my mind

We remember Heavy D

The passing of “Heavy D” is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. As “Steve Job” so eloquently said “we all have to die – death is the game changer”. We live on borrowed time but we are bad timekeepers because even though we don’t exactly know how much time we’ve borrowed, we still take life for granted. “Heavy D’s death” should serve as a wake-up call for all of us whose time-clock is still clicking. Only yesterday I saw a tweet from him about the passing of Smoking Joe Frazier and today, he too is gone.

It was reported that “Heavy D” complained of not being able to breathe after walking up a flight of stairs at his home. We should know the exact cause of death as time unfolds but for now, we grieve, we hurt and we long for a chance to hit “rewind” because “now that we have found love what are we going to do with it”?

God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for Heavy D’s family, relatives and all his fans – that they find comfort in this their hour of grief.

Steven Jobs 1955 - 2011

Steven Jobs 1955 - 2011

For so many years now, I have made my music with Steve Jobs’ iPod and the iTunes store in mind. When I hit the gym I listen to my own music and my favorite artists on my iPod. When the iPad was first announced I envisioned myself someday owning one. I was one of the first independent artists with a profile on PING. When my PC laptop starts trippin’ I curse myself for not spending a little extra for an iMac. When BBM starts to freeze I curse myself and says “why didn’t I get an iPhone” and when I run out of space on one of my studio hard drives I think perhaps I should be storing this stuff in iClouds. Basically, what I am trying to say is I may not have known Steve Jobs but he has surely made an impact on my life and my livelihood.

RIP Steve Jobs my prayers are with him and his family.

Jair Dynast

Lol, this is just ill so I had to share it!

elephant on trampoline

elephant on trampoline

Dope animation, check out the video below: Read more »

How to lose easy 20 pounds, possibly get a abs/flat stomach?

For someone like me who’s young and already lifting weights that is known to burn fat and build muscle, you’re probably a better candidate to change lifestyle and eating habits. Eat more lean cuts of meat, poultry, fresh fruits and lots of green cruciferous leafy vegetables.

A good friend of mine who’s been really fat (and she readily admits it) had tried everything known to man. Every diet, weight-watchers, Jenny Craig and every program until she found an easy weight loss guide that was sent to her by another friend and they all have lost pounds and inches in large amounts.

It’s teaches you how to use food you can buy at your local grocery store for little or no money. She learned how to make breakfast smoothies, easy lunches, dinners in 30-minutes or less and when I last saw her I was stunned. I have only about 10-lbs to get to my ideal weight so I ask her to send me the details.

I got them from her yesterday and already I’m impressed at how quick these recipes are and that the cost is so cheap. I’ll leave the link to this weight loss guide at the bottom of this article for anyone that’s struggling with being overweight and is at their wits end.

buy diet guide

easy diet tips, recipes

Hot New Hip Hop Songs

Currently, Jair Dynast is in his studio, Squinch working on new music.  His in-house team is also hard at work on new album cover artwork, new videos as well as product development.  Jair has already started his twitstyles series on twitter. Twitstyles is cleaver word play on topics that are trending on twitter.  There is a t-shirt series developing along this theme that’s making the rounds on Jair Dynast music blog.

Beau Trickey our Public Relations coordinator is working with the marketing team on finding these t-shirts an online home. A plan is being formulated on how to bundle these t-shirts with music as a package for people that buy hip hop.

Jair Dynast new music daily will be one of the methods used to showcase new music to the public when mp3s are finished and available for download. There are a number of tracks that have been produced and ready for mastering – these hot new hip hop songs will hit the airwaves via music blogs, internet radio and you tube later in 2011.

Jair Dynast #DayLightSavings #TwitStyles T-Shirt
#DaylightSavings time just more slaving time I won’t be saving mine There’s so many raving blind Yet Stevie sees I’m taking mine #TwitStyles

Jair Dynast #DayLightSavings #TwitStyles T-Shirt

Jair Dynast #DayLightSavings #TwitStyles T-Shirt

Jair Dynast #PrayForJapan #TwitStyles T-Shirt

Jair Dynast #PrayForJapan #TwitStyles

With an 8.9 on the Richter we #PrayForJapan With a #Tsunamiwarning going out to Guam, The Philippines and Hawaii, Damn#TwitStyles

Jair Dynast #PrayForJapan #TwitStyles T-Shirt


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